Rabbi Nachum & Rebbetzin Malki Labkowski & Family

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Rabbi Nachum was raised in a small French town called Brunoy, just a few kilometers southeast of Paris. In his youth, he studied in prominent Yeshivot in France, Israel and New York. He spent time in Ivory Coast, as well as Brazil, assisting Jewish causes in the area. became known in France for his traveling model matza bakery, a popular educational Passover workshop for children.

Rabbi Nachum is fluent in four languages, Yiddish, French, Hebrew & English. At the age of 22 received his rabbinical ordination, and continued studying to be a judge in Jewish Law.  

Malki was raised in Rochester, N.Y where her parents serve as Chabad emissaries. She is one of fourteen siblings. 

Rabbi Nachum and Malki met in Brooklyn N.Y, and married there in 2007. They moved to S. Lazare in 2010 as Chabad emissaries, and reside there with their, seven children, thank G‑d.