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Curriculum Goals

  • Attain a strong sense of love and pride in being Jewish.

  • Learn all subjects in a creative, stimulating environment.

  • Explore the Torah (Bible), the history of the Jewish people and discover their

relevance to today’s day and age.

  • Gain an understanding of holiday traditions and other Jewish practices.

  • Study the morals, values, and ethical behavior as taught in the Torah.

  • Master the skills of Hebrew reading and writing.

  • Learn basic prayers so that the students can feel comfortable in synagogue.

  • Connect Jewish kids with each other while exploring Jewish traditions and

values, in a fun and enjoyable environment.

  • Allow students to express their opinions and questions about G‑d,

Torah and religion.

  • Impress upon the children their innate value and importance of social



  • Hebrew Alef– Bet

Introduction to Hebrew alphabet. Our students learn to read & write Hebrew. We use the Aleph Champ system, the latest educational breakthrough in Hebrew reading. Aleph Champ adopted the color system used in karate- white belt to black belt -to provide fun and motivation as the students learn to read Hebrew.

  • Tefillah

Throughout the school session, children will learn basic Teffilot (prayers). In addition, there will be holiday and basic Jewish songs learned as well. Our goal is for our students to receive the tools they need to comfortably participate in the service at any synagogue.

  • Holidays and Shabbat

Holidays at CHS are always fun, vibrant learning experiences. Students experience the full flavor of joyous Judaism. Children will learn the “what, when, and how” that will make Jewish holidays all the more meaningful, personal and enjoyable. Chabad Hebrew School will also host holiday celebrations for our students and their families.

  • Mitzvot 

The Children will gain knowledge in basic Mitzvot through hands on interactive projects. They will learn fundamental concepts in Jewish life. From honoring parents, to giving Tzedaka (charity) an appreciation of our rich heritage will be developed.

  • Jewish History

Students will travel back in time and explore Jewish heroes, their lives and their contributions to the Jewish people. They will be taught morals and ethics from our great leaders.

  • Ipad Powered

We are very excited to be able to incorporate modern technology to learn and create. Children our welcome to bring ipads from home, for use in our Alef-Bet, Holidays, and Jewish History classes.

  • CKids

Five years in the making we are proud to be a part of CKids. This is an incentive program where each child gets their own full-color real ID card, featuring his photo. He is also assigned a personal account that he can access online. Teachers can easily acknowledge positive behavior and specific accomplishments of their students by giving them special achievement cards worth varying amounts of points. Points will also be given for completing missions outside of hebrew school, and for passing oral tests as they study the CKids trivia at their own pace. The cards can be scanned into their account at hebrew school, or deposited online at home. When a child earns the points necessary for a desired prize, he can redeem them for prizes at our store.